What is marketing automation?

Do you know how it is to send the right email to the right person at the right time? Whether to say “Welcome!” or “Hey, if you buy today, you have a discount of 30%!”

marketing automation

We all want to be smart in terms of email marketing, but we know very well that this process can involve much time and energy that grow exponentially with the size of the database we manage.

Here comes “marketing automation” which, in a general situation, is a mix of tactics and software that allow a company like Amazon to sell – this especially through a customized and useful content, that help transform prospects into customers and, not least, the customers into satisfied clients. In general, this approach offers companies significant revenue and provides an excellent ROI.

Automated emails delivers information to your customers exactly when they need it and this method is very effective also for you. You can send a series of emails to new subscribers to present your company, you can provide product recommendations based on purchase history of your client, or you can send greeting for his birthday and many more.

Triggers are those that determine what subscriber and when he receives the email. A trigger can be the interaction with one product, a subscription to a specific list, etc.

When is it better to use marketing automation?

Automation emails is ideal when you have content that you want to automatically deliver it to specific subscribers at a time. Here are the most common scenarios for conveying predefined messages:

For a new subscriber – Send to your new subscribers a welcome email. Tell them what to expect in future communications, send them coupons, vouchers or offer them advice on how to take advantage of what you have to offer;

When you have sent a series of emails – you can share information in a series of steps that can be sent over days, weeks or even months;

For emails that we send annually – during special holidays, birthdays, etc;

Follow up activity on the site – When a subscriber is browsing a precise link from the site, coming from newsletter, you have the possibility to send automatic messages to encourage him to take a decision to purchase, you can send them a form of satisfaction, etc. ;

When you want to thank your best customers – customers that make regular purchases are important to your business site, so let them know that. You can send them from a simple “Thank you”, to discounts, invitations to enter the VIP clubs etc;

Follow up after a purchase – Send recommendations for additional products or offer them advice based on that acquisition made;

When you want to get feedback – Use a survey to make your customers feel important and get valuable feedback about the shopping experience on your site.

marketing automation


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