How can you reduce shopping cart abandonment through retargeting?

Online retailers are struggling with shopping cart abandonment, which average rate is 68%. If only they could convert those abandoned carts and reduce abandonment! Their wish can come true if they follow these steps and use Retargeting, a marketing automation tool that reduces the bounce rate and increases conversion.

shopping cart abandoment2

Make the checkout process very quick and easy

Potential customers decide to abandon their shopping process if they encounter a complicated and lengthycheckout process. Require only essential information and make it quick and very easy. Maybe you would like clients to create an account, so you can gather information about them and inform them about your latest products or make them special offers, but it’s not always a good idea, because they can get frustrated. Give them a very good reason for signing up, like personalized offers, free shipping, ordiscounts, so that they feel they’re given a favor, not that they are forced to register. Also, because people like to know ahead what’s to come, to reduce cart abandonment would be a very good idea to inform them of how many steps are left with a progress indicator bar. Don’t forget to make sure buyers can return, just in case they want to change some of the information they submitted. Potential customers can have doubts about closing the deal right before clicking the last button, so it’s important to list them a phone number or include a live chat so that they can express their worries and get further information about the products. It’s usefulfor you to know that more and more people use their mobile phones to shop, so don’t forget to make your website mobile friendly.


Don’t trick your potential buyers

Often, people abandon their shopping carts once they realize that the final costs are high because of the shipping fee or because they don’t like the delivery date. So, to reduce cart abandonment, it’s a very good idea to inform visitors from the beginning about these kind of costs and the delivery dates. If you can distribute your products for free and in a reasonable time, you’ll instigate conversion, but if you don’t you should tell them upfront. This way they won’t get unpleasant surprises alongthe checkout process. Another moment of frankness should be the one when you tell buyers about the return policy or about the stock, especially when it’s low, to avoid disappointment and cart abandonment.

Shopping-Cart-AbandomentReduce cart abandonment with Retargeting

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you try to satisfy your customers needs, there will always be some abandoned shopping carts. But you can always use Retargeting to reduce cart abandonment. We know who left without making the purchase and we send them an email trigger with a friendly reminder and a small encouragement like free delivery or 10% discount to get them complet their order. To have an average of 40% open rate and a 20% click-through rate you need to send these triggered emails 3-4 hours after shoppers leave your website with items in their shopping carts. But if that message wasn’t opened, clicked or didn’t generate a sale, we have another solution: a reminder, which has a higher conversion rate than the initial email trigger. It can include more information about the products, services, customer reviews and a strong call to action. Retargeting can also use SMS reminders to make sure potential customers don’t miss out on great offers and reduce shopping cart abandonment.


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