How behavioral retargeting can help you sell more?

Every second, millions of people around the world are browsing to find websites, to read blogs, play games or to communicate using social networks. It wouldn`t be interesting to know what people are interested in your brand? To know exactly when, where and how often they are online? Behavioral retargeting can help you collect this information and attract more customers.

internet user

What is behavioral retargeting?

Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing) is a technique which you can use to show online advertisements to users, based on the previous browser behavior. Practically, if a visitor enters to you site, browse a product, but doesn`t make a purchase, you can send him an email or a live message to convince him to buy. This technique has a strong call to action, so that more of window shoppers became satisfied clients.

How does behavioral retargeting works?

Using a marketing automation tool that provides this feature, such as, a code is added to your site. Then information about the visitors are collected by an anonymous cookie, which doesn`t retrieve any personal or identifiable information, and does not use spyware.

The marketing automation tool that you are using should allow you to create personalized banners. When the visitor is preparing to leave your website, you can set up a banner to offer him a discount or to show him other information that can convince him to buy. Simple as that!

We all know that not all clicks can turn into conversions. But using retargeting you can easily convince visitors that have shown interest in the products / services you offer. You can do this easily if you offer discounts or other benefits to visitors. With retargeting possibilities are endless. The important thing is that for the same marketing budget you’ll get much better results.

Behavioral retargeting is a process that builds brand awareness, leading to higher conversions. This way your ROI focus on conversions, not just impressions.


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