5 huge mistakes that marketers do with Retargeting

Many of those who tested retargeting complain on forums / blogs that it isn`t efficient. On the other hand there are marketers who say it is a powerful tool that greatly improved their conversion rate.

Where is the problem? Why for some retargeting works and for others don`t?

The answer is quite simple: the method of application!

Retargeting can be a usefull tool that can help you grow your brand awareness, conversion rate and ROI, but only if applied correctly! It is very important to keep that in mind.

To clarify things and to help you benefit from the advantages of this powerful tool at their true value, I will present you the biggest mistakes that people make when using retargeting.

retargeting mistakes

1. Segmenting you audience and stable biding

Retargeting depends upon segmenting your audience and bidding appropriately. While it is important to limitate the number of ads shown to a single user, this practice should not be applied for all viewers. Instead it should be a practice adjusted by potential. Viewers exhibiting a high potential for conversion should be bid on more aggressively, compared to a one-page viewer with low value.

2. One ad for all

It is important to personalize your ads based on your audience segment. People want a personalized experience, no one wants to see the same ad. Basically, this is Retargeting . Not only will your ad be uninteresting, but you risk to lose users confidence in your brand and traffic. Offering users a personalized experience through targeted ads on different segments, you’ll easily convince people to buy.

3. Expect more traffic

Many marketers believe that more ads means more traffic. But things are not like that. Retargeting should be expected to guide your site visitors through the conversion funnel. Retargeting helps you to convince users that already visited your site to return and buy.

4. Retargeting only popular pages

Is important to use retargeting on all your pages. Focusing only on your most popular pages may seem like a useful shortcut, but doing this will limit your cookied viewers. With a smaller amount of viewers, your reach and potential audience will also be limited.

5. Working with multiple companies

Often in ecommerce it is advisable to work with multiple companies to generate more conversions. But when it comes to Retargeting is advisable to use one company to handle your campaigns. If you will work with many companies, practically you will bid against yourself, which will bring higher costs and lower ROI.

Learning from others mistakes is useful. I hope these tips will help you use retargeting correctly and improve your conversion rate.


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